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Agricultural equipment

First started with serial production of pipes for agricultural purposes the agricultural sector has been steadily developing and today our products for grain storage and grain ventilation are used all over the world. Particularly in the field of flat storage we offer solutions ranging from easy storage up to flexible storage systems such as our innovative telescopic ventilation pipe or dam wall silo. With our flat and silo storages in the field of storage technology and our ventilation spears, semicircular canals or underfloor ventilation and fans you find the most suitable solution in our range.

Ventilation technology

Grain is a living good. The two parameters temperature and moisture are essential in order to achieve the longest possible storage life. Our universal ventilation technologies provide a perfect climate in grain. We can provide everything you need regarding grain ventilation, from underfloor ventilation over our patented telescopic ventilation pipe up to semicircular canals. A complete storage program of different fans from 1.000 to 50.000 m³/h is also available.

Schmelzer Hauptluftkanal
Unterflurbelüftung Schmelzer

Storage technology

Our storage system offers the right possibilities to store grain carefully. The flat storage in the form of dam wall offers a versatile and at the same time a cost-effective type of storage. The flat storage can also be divided by using modular walls. As a result the construction of the modular wall allows subsequent installations.

Lagertechnik Getreide Saatgut Schmelzer
Lagertechnik Agrar Schmelzer Getreide
Getreidelager Schmelzer Dammwand
Schmelzer Lagertechnik Silo

Cleaning technology

With our grain conditioners you have the world of large discharging capacities at your feet. The cleaning performances reach up to 120 t/h. Suitable cyclones for air cleaning are also available. A suitable steel frame according to your requirements can also be delivered on request.

Getreide reinigen Vorreiniger Schmelzer
Getreidereinigung ZZeperator

Drying technology

Our AIR-HEATER is perfectly tailored to the utilization of waste heat attained from biogas plants and from combined heat and power plants. The completely individual combination of ventilator and heating coil enables us to meet all requirements of our customers. The Air Heaters are also
suitable for container-drying. The control system is adjusted and fitted according to your plant.

Schmelzer Trocknungstechnik
Schmelzer Lagertechnik
Container trocknung Getreidetrocknung Schmelzer

Testing technology

When storing grain, it is essential to record all parameters which are important for the correct storage and ventilation of the harvested material. The most important factors are the flowing air speed and the flowing air volume in your storage. With our Air Flow meter you are able to measure the air volume in a simply and uncomplicated way. Our sieves according to DIN ISO 5223 are intended to define impurities in grain.

Saatgut prüfen Prüftechnik Getreide Schmelzer
Getreidequalität prüfen Prüftechnik Agrar
Prüftechnik Getreide Agrar Schmelzer

Schmelzer air calculator

Temperature and moisture of the grain decide on its durability when storing it after the harvest. To maximize the durability of grain and to ensure that there is no ground for microorganisms and insects you are able to plan the ideal aeration device with our air calculator. The air calculator helps you with the selection of the fan and the installation distance of the ventilation canals to ensure a perfect storage condition for your bulk goods.

Schmelzer air calculator