Ambros Schmelzer & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG


An eye for beauty, extraordinary courage and experimental enthusiasm delivered the basic idea for our new garden accessories. The artful steel products from our range “beaujardin” “tournant” and “classique” are characterized by elegance and impressive design. Of course only high-quality products with a craftsman’s skill are processed. Stainless steel processing at the highest level sets a highlight to your stylish garden or interior design. The perfect combination of first-class processing and the use of premium stainless steel, crowned by a timeless design, allows unlimited design possibilities indoor and outdoor.


Classique is convincing with its clear and cylindrical line. The design fits in well with the modern architecture and is only made from high-quality materials and individually by experts hand. The colored design can be selected depending on the environment. Classique offers many varieties and is much more than a planter.


Tournant is round with a spiral. The geometric design matches perfectly with the playful line of classical and modern architecture. The spiral reflects perfectly its individual note. Tournant is only made of high-quality stainless steel and fromexperts hand.