Modular wall cells Type A

ab 664,37 

This system is a cost-efficient modular system.The usage of completely galvanized components is not only limited to aspects of agriculture and mills, it can also be found in the industry.A separately available hopper ensures an emptying of all cells without any aids. Funnel outlet angles are available in a 45° or 60° version.


  •  interior and exterior main ventilation duct
  • different sliders for emptying
  • discharge of auger
  • conveyor belt floor with pneumatic residual discharge available
  • Information on A, B, and C Cells
    The cells are designed so they can be set up side by side in modular construction. In order to save material and costs, a wall of the one cell is placed side by side, with the wall of the other cell. This results in the typical A, B and C cells, in which the A-cell has four walls, to which a B-cell, with only 3 walls can be screwed. In the case of two or more rows, these cells are supplemented by the C-cell with only two walls.
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