Ambros Schmelzer & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG

Plant Engineering

In the sector of plant engineering custom-fit projects for chimneys, cyclones, furnace constructions as well as filters can be realized. Besides the client-specific manufacturing we can also offer the design, construction as well as the final assembly. The project management tasks are carried out in our headquarters in Waldershof in close cooperation with our production site in Chodová Planá. This production site was founded in the end of the 1980s as Schmelzer s.r.o. and has been modernized by a new building in 2016. Pipe diameters of 100 to 4000 mm in a sheet thickness of 1 to 12 mm can be produced there.

Piping construction

The experience from more than hundred years makes us a reliable innovative and long-term partner. On the one hand we offer industry-specific solutions but of course we also produce to your individual specifications. No matter whether standard or special dimension, diameters of 100 to 4000 mm and a sheet thickness of 1 – 12 mm in different materials can be realized.

Anlagenbau Rohrbau Schmelzer
Anlagenbau Rohrbau
Rohrbau Anlagenbau Schmelzer
Schmelzer Anlagenbau Rohrbau Rohre

Furnace construction

We have been producing furnace systems of the highest precision for many years. Our huge experience in the field of bogie hearth furnaces, hearth forges and box furnaces ensures that we are a competent partner for complex projects. We offer products from the stage of detailed design to complete assembly of the construction including gas and water supply – a one-stop service.

Rohrleitungsbau Schmelzer
Schmelzer Anlagenbau Rohrbau Rohre
Schmelzer Ofenbau Industrieofen
Schmelzer Ofenbau


Electrostatic precipitators are the best among separators because the particle size does not have any influence on the separation performance. Therefore, electrostatic precipitators are generally applied to procedures where a careful exhaust gas cleaning of the smallest particles is necessary. Our electrostatic precipitators are available in a wet or dry as well as in a horizontal or vertical construction.

Schmelzer Filter Metall
Filter Metall Schmelzer
Filteranlage Schmelzer Metall
Elektrofilter Metall Schmelzer


There are certain simple pre-separators for different industrial applications possible with our range of cyclones SZ-LB. From circular saws to industrial filters can be equipped with his cyclones.

With our cyclones for the range SZ you have the suitable pre-separator for each type of dedusting in almost all sizes. The cyclones are generally equipped with a tangential inlet, which ensures an excellent separation performance. The cyclones can also be realized in a spiral form inlet. The separators are available in a left and right version. Accessories such as rain covers are manufactured to fit for each cylone.

Zyklone Anlagenbau Schmelzer
Zyklon Schmelzer Metall
Zyklone Schmelzer Metallbau
Schmelzer Zyklon Metall

Steel chimneys

We offer a comprehensive care-free package for the erection of your single or double-leaf chimney plant. Our experienced engineers will be at your side from the preliminary planning process to commissioning. A maintenance contract guarantees a trouble-free, durable plant.

Kaminbau Metallkamin Industriekamin
Industire Kamine Kaminbau Metall Schmelzer
Kaminbau Kamine Schmelzer
Kaminbau Schmelzer Metall