Storage technology

Silo storage

We offer a variety of storage facilities.

Especially in case of subsequent installation in an already existing building, individually adjustable systems are required. Our modular wall cells are ideal for an especially space-saving storage of grains because of an ideal filling of the room in case of absolute varietal purity. Our product range with many different systems offers you the right storage for every requirement. Starting from small silos for one m³ such as the ED-series through to the transit silo batch with a batch of 60 m³ which is also suitable for an outdoor installation.

Our smooth wall silo is ideally suited for use in the food and animal feed industry, as it offers no points of deposit. Our flexible fabric silos offer a particularly costeffective storage for bulk goods from 0,88 m³ up to 28 m³. A suitable filling pipe system is available from stock. 

Silo storage
Modular wall cells

This system is a cost-efficient modular system.The usage of completely galvanized components is not only limited to aspects of agriculture and mills, it can also be found in the industry. A separately available hopper ensures an emptying of all cells without any aids. Funnel outlet angles are available in a 45° or 60° version.


  • interior and exterior main ventilation duct
  • sliders for emptying different
  • of auger discharge
  • conveyor belt floor with pneumatic residual discharge


Silo storage
Transit Silo batch

The Charge transit silo completes our quadrilateral cell program. It is especially designed to enable a fast and effective loading of trailers.

Thanks to the modular structure, no on-site welding is necessary.The installation is particularly suitable for outdoors. The type of roof construction and bolted joints ensure absolute sealing against moisture. Freight costs are optimized by delivery of individual parts.

The unit is complete including ladder, filling pipe connection, drain valve and pressure relief opening.


Silo storage

Is a square silo for storage of dry materials, constructed as a modular system.

All silos are made of galvanized steel sheets. The floor funnel is delivered at a 60° inclination and the standard outlet is Ø 150 mm. The Vario-silo has a very stable structure. The galvanized sheets are processed by machinery which complies with the latest requirements so that accurate drilling, precise angles and thus a good fit are ensured. The assembly of the Vario-silo is quick and easy. Since the Vario-silo is delivered as a kit, an assembly is possible even in extremely confined spaces.

In addition, the transport costs are optimized by delivery as separate components. The outlet height can be varied.


Silo storage
Fabric silo

The Fabric silo is a well-established system of many years for the storage of mixed feeds and other stared goods.

The economical storage version is well-known for multiple applications and various assembly possibilities in your warehouse. Breathable cloth bags – produced from a well-known German company – supplies your animal feeds with enough oxygen and presents the feeds from spoiling.

When not required, you can simply remove the Fabric Silo or quickly re-assemble it in another place.


Silo storage
Schmelzer smooth wall silo

Standardized but flexible.

Our smooth wall silo is a welded silo system for storage of products which must be completely emptied, such as seed or mixed feed. Powdery, smoothly or generally poor flowing bulk goods must be completely emptied as well.The same applies to products which must remain unmixed and free of contamination. Due to a welded construction there are no faults at the inner wall and the assembly time is reduced to a minimum.


  • optimized design
  • tightly welded
  • free of faults
  • all transportable sizes available
  • no bolted connections
  • reduced assembly time
  • cost-effective assembly
  • precisely without size ranges
  • available in various hopper inclinations
  • maintenance-friendly
  • different connecting dimensions possible
  • all RAL-colours are possible
  • optionally available in stainless steel
Silo storage

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