Testing technology

In the grain storage sector, it is important to record all parameters which are important for the correct storage and drying of harvest material.

Various aids complete our programme of silo storage perfectly. The Air Flow helps you to ensure an even flow in the storage. Light and with a simple design you have a clear overview of the air volumes. The different cones cover here a large measuring range. The sieve programme according to DIN ISO 5223 helps you in determining the impurities in the grain. Thanks to the individual combination of the required sieves you can easily determine the quantity of impurities and natural debris such as stones. 

The filling quantity of the silos can be measured via the both available filling level indicators. These can be easily screwed on the wall of the silo. Therewith the filling level indicators can be used as empty, full or demand detector. Is a weighing of the cells requested at the same time, the silo cell can be set on the weighing cells. The connection of the weighing cells to a SPS is also possible as the direct indication of the measured values.

Testing technology


The AW-value measuring system, in short AW-control is the newness in the sector of testing technology. This system does not only allow temperature control but also simultaneous control of the storage via the AW-value. The water availability for physical, chemical, microbial and enzymatic processes is described by the water activity, the AW-value, and is of great importance for the storage suitability of the grain.  

The complete system is Plug-and-Play, this means no electrical personnel is needed. You simply plug in the components and the measuring and control system is ready. You are able to monitor your storage via a terminal device from all over the world. The aeration is fully automatic or manually on request.

  • no storage losses
  • fans only run if really required



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