ASW pipes

ASW Pipes are the basis for our modular pipe system. Different nominal sizes and diameters enable customized pipe system.

At each deflection of the material flow or fault location of the material flow the abrasion arises. With a precisely manufactured flanged edge and a high roundness of the pipes, we work against abrasion. There are less faults due to the tight connection of the pipes.

The new flanged edge as well as the superior roundness (usually smaller than 0,5mm) of the pipes assures a neat connection of components in case of connections with a clamping ring.


  • superior roundness
  • Schmelzer flanged edge
  • calibrated inside
  • easy assembly


With the wide range of segments almost all required diversions of the piping can be realised so that the product exactly gets where you want to have it.


  • superior roundness
  • Schmelzer flanged edge
  • calibrated inside
  • radius R= 1,5 D for a small support resistance
  • high fitting accuracy due to pressed execution



Two way valves

Our two way valves are used to lead the material flow in different directions. By moving the lever, the discharge direction changes according to the indication of the lever. The modular two way valves are also available operated with electric motors as well as pneumatically operated. 

Advantages of modular two way valves:

  • actuators can be exchanged after installation
  • electric motor and pneumatic motor rotable by 45°
  • attachment parts galvanically zinc plated
  • mounting side of the drive is exchangeable

Triple folding box

The Schmelzer folding boxes are used to direct the crop flow in different directions. So far there have been two variants, 1×45° and 2×45°. Both variants can steer the flow of crops in two different directions.

With one of our latest developments, the triple folding box, it is now possible to divert the crop flow in three different directions. The outflow direction can be set manually by moving the hand lever. There is also the option of an automated changeover using an electric or pneumatic drive.

  • Material flow deflection in three different directions
  • Corrosion and weather resistance
  • Galvanized mounting kits
  • Modular and compact design
  • Design with hand lever, electrical or pneumatic drive
  • Electric and pneumatic motors can each be rotated by 45 degrees
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Pipe ASW nominal length 2000

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After the pipe connection turbulences often lead to problems in the pipeline. 

We avoid this by using sharp and rectangular flanged edges. 

Thanks to the Schmelzer flanged edge there are less imperfections because both pipe parts perfectly fit together. In addition, the flanged edge works against abrasion of the pipes. 

The flanged edge is formed out of the basic material of the pipe by using a special machine. The process of the production of the flanging is so called cold reshaping. By using the machine, a smooth, even edge is generated, which can be used for different purposes. The beaded rim is an important part of the pipe and contributes to ensure a sealing between the pipe and the surrounding material as well as to withstand the effect of forces acting.



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