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In the sector of flat storage technology, Schmelzer Agriculture offers different systems and technologies for variously different application areas. All our solutions are characterised by an easy assembly and a time-saving handling. You receive further information about our storage technology and the individual systems in our shop or directly on request.

  • Dam Wall
  • Modular wall cells (suspended)
  • Plank door with and without middle post
  • Lifting segment doors for wood segments
  • Lifting segment doors with steel segments
  • Rotary vane door made of steel
  • Mobile wall


Dam Wall

The Dam wall is a new flat storage system with standardized parts for loading heights up to 9 m.

The storage wall can be used as the outside wall and the storage column as hall-structure.
So the total costs per m³ grain are quite low priced. 

  • Price validity for systems > 80m² surrounding wall
  • Prices per m² wall area



  • quick assembly thanks to handy parts and modular design
  • type with zinc-plated wall panels and coated columns
  • extremely easy to clean
  • no corner-plugging with concrete necessary
  • combinable with different door types



Modular wall cells

Our modular wall cells are made of trapezoidal sheet metal with zinc-plated frames, and delivered preassembled. This saves a lot of time during the assembly. The single trapezoidal sheet can easily be screwed together. The bracing is placed at the head rail. Available with different types of bulkhead available.

Max. dumping height 5 m

  • Price validity for systems > 80m² surrounding wall
  • Prices per m² wall area



  • easy assembly
  • combinable with different door types
  • no concreting work necessary



Mobile wall

The mobile wall is used for a speed erection of flat storages as well as for separation in flat storages.

The standard dumping height is 3m. With available lengths of 1m and 2m you are very variable in adjusting the lengths. Thanks to removable wall elements the storing is very compact after usage. Handling via forklift or telescopic loader. Several components for extending are available as additional accessories. Sealing of the wall via brush strip.

By pressing the brush it is ensured the any grains can‘t be mixed up.

Flat storage

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Dam Wall

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Modular wall

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Lifting segment doors for wood segments

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Plank bulkhead

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Frequently asked questions

Here the low investment costs and in particular the low costs for storage and the diversity can be seen.

  • Simple and quick to implement construction
  • Practical management through various filling options
  • Lower construction and management costs compared to other storages
  • Variable ventilation options
  • Effective use of space

Another advantage is the subdivision possibility of the hall with mobile partition walls, dam walls or even modular walls into various bulk boxes for storing different types of grain, in order to achieve greater flexibility.

A flat grain storage facility is an enclosed hall, which is normally covered and therefore closed. This can be constructed of concrete walls or steel dam walls which can be backfilled. The entrance area is designed with plank gates, lifting segment gates or swing gates. This can be used mainly for grain storage.

Your decision for a flat store or a high silo is a question of principle. Here it depends on your needs and expectations. There are differences in grain storage.

  • Storage in the high silo (large amounts of grain in a small space)
  • Storage in the flat store in the hall (provided with different partition walls for grain storage – thus different sized storage boxes.)

The different variants offer you the following advantages:

The high silo in the outdoor area is a very hygienic option. The stored goods are absolutely protected against harmful rodents and birds. The temperature and ventilation can usually be conveniently regulated.

The indoor tower silo is no longer used regularly today. With this form of tower silo, storage is integrated into existing buildings and systems. Although this protects against all environmental influences, it also has various disadvantages. Indoor tower silos cannot be perfectly protected against rodents. The possible formation of dust during emptying and filling can also pose a problem.

The modern flat storage facility is a cost-effective and economical variant of grain storage.

Grain flat storage systems are impressive

  • a compact and effective construction.
  • variable ventilation and drying options.
  • various filling types.
  • Concrete floors and other structures with protection against rodents.

We, the company Ambros Schmelzer & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG, offer you individual and highly modern solutions for your flat grain storage. In doing so, we meet the requirements for resistance to pests, ventilation, drying and economical filling. Trust our experience not only in storage technology, but also in agricultural and ventilation technology in general. Our storages offer you the highest level of comfort and flexibility. The cost structure can also be adapted to your requirements. Get advice now.

When building a new grain store or renewing the floor in a flat storage, so-called underfloor ventilation should be considered. The grain can be stored and retrieved here at any time without having to use additional labor to lay out the ventilation options and is therefore also optimally ventilated. The storage height here can be up to 12 m.

The following options are available for retrofitting the ventilation of existing flat storage areas:

  • Semicircular ducts or so-called Air-Giant (storage height up to 20.0 m, also available in a design suitable for rapeseed – permanently remaining in the grain until it is emptied)
  • Telescopic ventilation pipes or ventilation pipes (TBR and TAS) (storage height up to 6.0 m, also available in a version suitable for rapeseed – permanent remaining in the grain until emptying)
  • Aeration pillars such as Air-Pillar (storage height up to approx. 5.0 m – remains permanently in the grain until it is emptied)
  • Ventilation spears such as Air-Whisper, Air-Whisper MAX, Air-Lance Economic or Air-Lance (storage height up to max. 4.0 m)

The flat grain store can be filled in various ways. Here it depends on the relative possibilities. This can be done with wheel loaders, whereby the grain can be pushed up to the possible storage height, or another possibility is filling with conveyor belts or trough chain conveyors, which are to be provided with a lateral distribution (depending on how wide the hall is).

The walls in the flat storage facility have different functions. On the one hand, they can serve to ensure the stability of the storage facility and the separation of the stored goods from the environment. On the other hand, different types of stored goods can also be isolated from one another by means of appropriate partitions.

We offer:

  • Insulating walls with standardized components up to a storage height of 9 m. This is a particularly cost-effective variant.
  • Module wall cells that can be installed particularly effectively and quickly. That saves time and money. Concrete work is not required for the module wall cells.
  • Mobile partition walls that can be erected particularly quickly. They are used to flexibly separate bulk goods. A special brush strip ensures that the different bulk materials cannot mix with each other.

In the case of flat grain storage, there should be the option of ventilating and/or cooling the grain to be stored in order to make it last longer and to prevent insects/rodents.







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