Drying technology

During the drying process, moisture mostly in the form of water is removed from the material to be dried.

Two things can be achieved with this procedure. First of all, thereby microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria can be deprived of their livelihood base and second the heat value can be increased. These two advantages are on the one hand used during storage of grain and oilseeds and on the other hand, during storage of heating material such as wood chips, firewood, or similar material. We can offer you different components for drying.

Heat exchanger

Compact unit for waste heat utilisation

The Air-Heater is perfectly tailored to the utilisation of waste heat attained from biogas and combined heat power plants.

The completely individual combination of fan and heating coil enables us to meet all the demands of our customers. This has been especially compiled to allow a quick and easy air-heating for container-drying and storage ventilation drying. 

The whole unit consists of a fan, heating coil, subconstruction and casing with insulated panels. An inlet guard, air-filter or ventilation control is also available if required.

The control system is adjusted and fitted according to your plant.

drying technology

Mixing conveyor

If bulk material is ventilated from the bottom, areas

where no air flow prevails can occur. When ventilating a flat storage for cooling with fresh outside air, the impairment due to low air speeds and an optimal arrangement of the ventilation ducts is

negligible. Is the storage designed as a drying storage, spots with a poor flow are not wanted. On the one hand a spread of mould may occur and on the other hand an uneven distribution of dry and still moist goods is obtained. A solution for this could be a constant mixing of the stored goods. When using a mixing conveyor the mixing of the stored goods takes place from top to bottom. Such a mixing is helpful to break through moist spots and equalizes the batch, so that you receive a batch with a common drying stage after the dry process.

  • optimal mixing of the storage
  • supports from bottom to top
  • tailored to your grain storage
  • design of the beam painted in the colour of your choice
  • suitable for grain
  • wood chips on request
Drying technology


The heat box is a complete heat exchanger unit for an outdoor installation. The different sizes are optimally adapted to the drying with waste heat.

At a flow temperature of 80° C and a return flow temperature of 65°C, the air temperatures shown in the table in°C obtain at an ambient temperature of 20°C at the output side of the Air-Heater.

Drying technology

Air – Box aeration and drying tanks

Air – Box aeration and drying tanks. Box for ventilation and drying of grain and seed.


  • ventilation and drying with low pressure loss
  • storage of grain and seed
  • ideal for small and minimum quantities
  • 2 boxes stackable on top of each other at simultaneous ventilation
  • perforation inside the hopper 1,5 mm
  • also suitable for rape
  • transportation with a forklift
  • made of galavanized sheet steel
  • suitable ventilation connection available
  • integrated ventilation hopper


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