Ventilation technology

Grain is a living good. The two parameters temperature and moisture are essential in order to achieve the longest possible storage life.

Combined with the respiration of grain during storage moisture and temperature increase in the good. Accompanied by that a multiplication of microorganisms in the corn occurs. To avoid a growth of these microorganisms it is intended to hold down the two parameters as low as possible.

The stock watch gives an indication how long the grain is storable. For example, grain with a moisture of 14% and a temperature of 10°C can be stored longer than 256 days. The air volume which should be inserted in the storage place depends on what should be achieved with the inserted air. For use in practice the following values have proved their worth: The temperatures of the suctioned air should be approx. 5 degrees colder than the grain temperature. The suctioned air moisture isn´t allowed to exceed 65%.

Ventilation technology


Your advantages when using the Schmelzer Air-Calculator:

The temperature and moisture in the grain decides upon the durability of the grain during the storage of the grain after the harvest. To maximise the durability of the grain and to remove the living conditions of microorganisms and insects you are able to plan an optimum ventilation device with the Schmelzer Air-Calculator. The air-calculator helps you when choosing the right fans and the distances between the ventilation channels to ensure perfect storing conditions for your bulk goods.

  • Automatic calculation of all necessary components
  • Individually defined for your storage
  • Customized ventilation components
  • Compliance with the best and longest storage capability
  • Enormous increase in quality of the grain due to proper ventilation
  • Increase in sales value


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