Ventilation technology

Round silo ventilation

There are different systems available to ventilate a round silo.

The ground of the round silo can, as well as the flat storage can, be equipped with our wellestablished underfloor ventilation system. An additional main ventilation duct is installed on site which is afterwards covered with an angular frame. Our grille covers fit perfectly with these angular frames. The lateral ducts consist of permanent formworks, in which our grille covers can be exactly inserted. The covers depend on the silo height.

Our Airfloor is additionally available up to a length of 16m.

Round silo ventilation


Your advantages when using the Schmelzer Air-Calculator:

The temperature and moisture in the grain decides upon the durability of the grain during the storage of the grain after the harvest. To maximise the durability of the grain and to remove the living conditions of microorganisms and insects you are able to plan an optimum ventilation device with the Schmelzer Air-Calculator. The air-calculator helps you when choosing the right fans and the distances between the ventilation channels to ensure perfect storing conditions for your bulk goods.

  • Automatic calculation of all necessary components
  • Individually defined for your storage
  • Customized ventilation components
  • Compliance with the best and longest storage capability
  • Enormous increase in quality of the grain due to proper ventilation
  • Increase in sales value

Underfloor ventilation for round silo

Our round silo ventilation is available for various silo diameters.

Our round silo ventilation is designed for 14 different sorts of silos with diameters from 1,80 to 33m. The grids are selected depending on the height of the silo, so a silo height of up to 30m is no problem. The main channel consists of a switched channel which is provided by the customer and which is then covered with angular frames. Perforated covers can be inserted with a perfect fit into these angular frames.

The lateral channels consist of permanent formworks which can also be easily inserted in perforated covers.

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