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With our cyclones series SZ-LB, several simple pre-separators for different industrial applications are conceivable.

Circular saws up to industrial filters can be equipped with these cyclones. With our cyclones series SZ you have suitable pre-separators for each type of dedusting in almost all sizes. The cyclones are generally equipped with a tangential inlet, which ensures an excellent separation performance. The cyclones can also be realized in a spiral form inlet. The separators are available in a left and right version. Accessories such as rain covers are manufactured to fit for each cylone. Especially for this purpose, we have developed a program of standard cyclones which 3 is suitable for air quantities from 700 to 60.000 m /h. Of course it is also possible to design cyclones according to your requirements. The consideration of your previous equipped technology is self-evident. The design is subject to the latest technology. In specific cases, the calculation of the cyclone by CFD simulation is also necessary. Thereby, the analysis of your dust sample does not represent a problem for the dimensioning.


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