SWZ Load cells

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  • Stainless steel with electropolished surfaces
  • Integrated lift-off protection
  • Extremely insensitive to lateral forces and lifting moments
  • Central free-swinging force introduction
  • Particularly robust for tough continuous use in the industrial sector
  • Load cell
  • Overload proof 150%
  • Footplate adapters may be required

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There are many different reasons why weighing equipment is put into practice for silo cells. On the one hand the filling level of the silo can be determined and on the other hand weighing processes for internal purposes such as the mixture of grain varieties or concentrated feed can be realised.
The weighing equipment consists of two parts. The weighing cell and the appropriate installation module. The installation module is fastened to the ground and serves as holder for the load cell. lt is made from stainless steel, secured against slipping and therefore suitable for an outdoor installation.
There are different load cells for different loads. The possible load range extends from 5 to 30t. With four foots an overall load of 20 to 120t per silo results.
Up to 4 load cells are combined and wired in a socalled cable box. Starting from the cable box a cable is placed to the analysis unit. Thiscan either be executed as a SPS-connection or directly as a display element for the personnel on site.

TypeArticlenumberOld ArticlenumberkgIP68Tolerancet mint max
SWZ 5 4000563 4009015015750 5000 IP68 < ± 0,03% '-10 '+40
SWZ 10 4000564 4009015015751 10000 IP68 < ± 0,03% '-10 '+40
SWZ 30 4000565 4009015015752 30000 IP68 < ± 0,03% '-10 '+40

You can find instruction manuals under the following link: Instruction manuals