Telescope ventilation pipe

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This – in the year 2002 developed and since 2003 sold – innovative and patented system revolutionized the ventilation process in the flat storage. It combines the advantages of the semi-circular ducts with those of the underfloor ventilation.

Our TBR which has already been sold over 10,000 times by the end of 2013 is usable up to a length of 30m. For details to the DLG test report, with test number 5666f, refer to the homepage of the DLG.


  • high airflow
  • easy cleaning
  • easy emptying of the storage cell
  • no destruction of the ventilation systems
  •  including abstract rope
  • suitable for rapeseed
  • easy installation of telescopic pipe on storage floor with use of rear rope loop
  • blower connection Ø 300
  • air outlet area on total length 22%
  • easy withdrawal of pipe before removal outside with use of inner steel rope
  • can be covered up to a height of 5m
  • subsequent extension due to modular system possible at any time
  • from L=22m also available with Ø 400 connection