Pipes with abrasion protection system

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Abrasion protection pipes are frequently used for applications which are exposed to high loads and where rubbing occurs. For this reason, the abrasion protection pipes are equipped with a lining, which protects the surface from abrasion. Therefore, these pipes have a longer service life compared with non-lined pipes.

The tried and tested APS system provides you with an abrasion-resistant pipe in a well-known modular design and with an excellent price-performance ratio.

The lifetime of the APS is increased by 10 tunes compared to a not lined pipe. The advantage of the polyethylene lies in the low frictional resistance,
which is why the inliner has significantly less wear as the simple pipe.

Super APS and Super APS Food
Pipes with the Super APS lining are designed for a use under most difficult circumstances.

The lining, which is made of basic polyurethane material, is very tough compared to the common types of wear, such as blast wear and sliding abrasion. Blast wear is the most common type of wear in pipings and is responsible for the hole formation of the pipes and fittings.

Due to its molecular structure the basic material has an outstanding tensile strength.This prevents that tiny particles are torn out from the surface. The lining is designed for industrial areas and withstands even the hardest materials.